Why coronavirus could become a pandemic in Moldova?

These days, the first confirmed case of coronavirus was recorded in Moldova. It is a Moldovan woman who was living in Italy, was hospitalised with symptoms there, but decided to escape the medical care and come to her homeland by plane. Later on, it was established that this woman was already infected with coronavirus when stepped into the plane, putting at risk her, other passengers and crew’s health. It is not known yet whether her situation raised questions at the airport, as she was already seriously ill, having symptoms like shortness of breath, cough etc. Somehow, she fled the custom control and managed to enter the plane. During the flight, her situation got worse and an ambulance took her directly from the Chișinău airport through a separate corridor. Moldovan doctors found that her condition was severe: bilateral pneumonia, with acute respiratory failure, fever, cough and general weakness. But that’s only one case, how could it advance towards a pandemic? It may sound like a screenplay from a movie, in reality about 2 thousand people, who entered Moldova in the last week wrongly indicated the information about the country and region of their arrival, as well as their address in Moldova when filling in the epidemiological records at the border. That means 20% of the total records. People often indicated wrong addresses, so they cannot be monitored by family doctors, as the portal sanatateinfo informed. Border police is the one who must inform and enforce the process of filling in the epidemiological records. However, the law does not provide for any sanctions for non-observance of measures to prevent or combat contagious diseases and people are too irresponsible to care about public health. In 2020, the Republic of Moldova allocated an amount equal to 4.41% of its GDP for health sector, according to a study conducted by IDIS Viitorul. The country recorded the worst performance in Europe regarding health expenditure. In 2020, about 195 euros per inhabitant is spent on health, which is 14 times less than the European average. In fact, countries that are less well placed, that have less fiscal space or less health spending, are less resilient and more vulnerable to such global health pandemics as coronavirus, experts said. All passengers of the flight that brought home the first coronavirus infected patient were identified and contacted by representatives of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection. They were asked to stay in quarantine for 14 days in order to monitor their health. Family doctors will visit them at home and they are required to measure their fever three times a day and observe other symptoms of the disease. Former Minister of Health, Ala Nemerenco, sent a message to the representatives of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection, after the first case of coronavirus in the Republic of Moldova was confirmed. “All passengers and the crew of the Milan – Chișinău flight must be urgently registered, consulted and monitored, and some of them must be introduced, for their own sake, to the hospital quarantine. It depends on the organisation of medical services whether this bomb will be defused or not.” Still, all passengers were sent home. They already saw their relatives, shook their hands, gave them hugs and kissed them. Family doctors had visited them and then consulted other patients as well. Symptoms of COVID-19 usually appear after five days on average, but the incubation period may be as short as two days to as long as 14 days, said Harvard Health Publishing specialists. However, a person who is asymptomatic may be shedding the virus and could make others ill, whereas how often asymptomatic transmission is occurring is unclear. In the meantime, Code Orange of alert was announced at national level regarding the risk of infection with COVID-19 in Moldova. The government announced that, on Wednesday, a bill would be approved, providing for penalties application or even criminal prosecution of persons who provide incorrect data or who would be involved in the outbreak and spread of coronavirus in the Republic of Moldova. The limitations of passengers’ transit on the territory of the country through Chișinău International Airport was also discussed. Only 7 people are officially suspected of being infected with coronavirus in Moldova at the moment. They have been tested and the results will be announced later. Photo: dw.comMore details